New Tesla Charging Adapter Lets You Charge Anywhere

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But it's not cheap.

Following a South Korean launch in October last year, Tesla's much-awaited CCS Combo 1 (CCS1) to Tesla adapter is finally available on Tesla's online shop. Now, you can order the adapter for $250 US. Depending on output, pricing for Tesla's own adapter falls slightly higher on average than similar aftermarket solutions.

Frankly, that's to be expected. OEM parts are usually cheaper than OE ones, and so on. When you consider the voltage flowing through the units, it's a bit easier to stomach the extra cash. Unfortuntaely, the adapter will only work on the refreshed Model 3 and Y, as well as the refreshed Model S and Model X. So, for now, owners of pre-2020 cars are out of luck.


Tesla says that shipping will start within two weeks of order placement. We expect demand for this to be high, as Tesla owners have been asking for this feature essentially since Musk first bought the company. Tesla says that the adapter will charge at up to 250 kW from any third-party network using CCS1. Frankly, that's pretty much all of them, so charging speeds shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Of course, this also means you can now charge multiple types of vehicles at an in-home charger. You'll no longer have to pay to have both a Tesla and another brand of charger in your home if you own two different EVs.


For a while, some Tesla owners were bringing over the official Tesla adapters from South Korea. We've heard of imported cars, but imported chargers was a new one. Regardless, these owners had reported only getting outputs around 100 kW at peak. Tesla also offers yet another asterisk to the new adapter on its site.

"The CCS Combo 1 Adapter is compatible with most newer Tesla vehicles, while some vehicles may require a retrofit to ensure functionality with third-party CCS stations. We recommend checking that your vehicle is on the latest available software prior to signing in to your Tesla Account to verify vehicle compatibility."


However, Tesla is working on bringing pre-2020 cars into the fold. After all, the vast majority of Teslas have been built and sold before then. The brand, like so many others, suffered from the chip shortage and pandemic. Eventually, Tesla will add the ability to retrofit the chargers for older S, X, 3, and Y models.

For now, Tesla has said that the retrofit will come available in early 2023. If you need to verify your car can use the adapter, you can find it under the "Additional Vehicle Information" menu in any Tesla model.

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