New Tesla Model Y Rival Has Over 600 Miles Of Range

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The battery takes just 35 minutes to fully recharge.

The Tesla Model Y is about to face some stiff competition from the Fisker Ocean and Mercedes EQA electric crossovers. But there's another competitor you probably haven't considered. California-based US startup Mullen Technologies is also joining the electric crossover bandwagon with the MX-05, the company's second electric model following the Qiantu K50 K50 electric sports car.

Previewed in new render images, the Mullen MX-05 is described as a mid-size luxury SUV. Being an electric SUV, the MX-05 will inevitably have more mass-market appeal than the K50.

Mullen Technologies Mullen Technologies

Powering the Mullen MX-05 (Mazda might not be too happy about the model name) will be a 150-kWh solid-state battery developed by China-based engineering firm Linghang BOAO. Mullen says this will provide a driving range of over 500 miles, but doesn't specify if this is based on EPA or NEDC range estimates. Based on results during independent testing, Mullen claims the battery technology will allow electric vehicles to travel 640 miles when cruising at 55 mph on a flat surface and 550 miles at a cruising speed of 75 mph. For comparison, the Tesla Model Y Long Range has 316 miles of range. Using a fast charger, the battery takes just 35 minutes to recharge.

Additional testing also showed the battery suffered no degradation in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. The battery pack also suffered less than two percent degradation over 10,000 charge/discharge cycles.

Mullen Technologies Mullen Technologies

"We believe our licensed solid-state battery technology should provide us with an advantage over many other companies in the EV space as it could have the ability to provide vehicle owners with significantly increased range from a single charge," said David Michery, Mullen's Chief Executive Officer. "We believe the launch of our MX-05 will change the way that owners think about EVs and their capabilities."

Mullen plans to put the MX-05 into production by 2022. After acquiring funding of $135 million, the company intends to purchase an existing US production plant to manufacture Mullen Electric vehicles.

"Modifying an existing, functional plant to create our vehicles will immediately catapult Mullen into very rare territory: an electric car manufacturer producing vehicles and distributing them throughout our internal network of dealers," said Michery. "Mullen has the ability to rise above the competition and be a true Tesla competitor, especially in the SUV market. Once the facilities are fully operational, Mullen will be able to integrate its' proprietary solid-state battery technology into our vehicles and other consumer products."

Mullen Technologies Mullen Technologies Mullen Technologies

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