New Three-Inch Cowl Hood For Ford Bronco Provides More Room For Engine Upgrades

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More room for supercharging.

Cervini recently introduced a new three-inch cowl hood for the 2021 and 2022 Ford Bronco. It's Cervini's first-ever aftermarket accessory for the Bronco, but at least it's a good one.

The American body kit manufacturer claims the three-inch rise is subtle yet aggressive enough to turn heads. If you put a standard Bronco and a model with the aftermarket cowl side-by-side, you'll spot the difference immediately. The standard Bronco has a tiny power bulge, which doesn't leave much room for upgrades.

The Bronco is currently a darling of the aftermarket scene and was the "it" car at the 2021 SEMA show. Even Ford's own factory-backed accessories are raking in cash.


Cervini's cowl hood does not simply exist to give the Bronco a more muscular appearance as if it needed any help in that department. The Bronco's ECU is proving challenging to crack, but 5.0-liter Coyote engine swaps are becoming more common. The three-inch lift also leaves more room for a supercharger, just in case you feel the need for a 700-horsepower Bronco.

You don't need to go that far, however. The cowl hood has enough room to accommodate larger intake manifolds and power adders. The hood bolts directly onto the existing mounts with new hardware supplied by Cervini; no body modifications are required.


The hood struts you see are still in the prototype phase but will be available as an option in the future.

The hood has functional rear air vents covered with a screen. This helps get heat out of the engine bay as quickly as possible, which is particularly useful when hooning around on a warm summer's day.

An unpainted hood retails for $899.99, but the 2021 and 2022 colors are available. All the colors retail for $569.99, taking the retail price up to $1,469.98. The underside of the hood is not painted but rather covered in a gloss black gel to save money. You can add another $95 for handling and shipping.


Ford announced that the order books for the 2023 Bronco would open early in August, but the website has not been updated. You can still build a 2022 model, but the website clearly states that there are no more models available.

In recent weeks, we have discovered the changes that will be made to the 2023 model. For the first time, owners will have access to painted roof options.

Cervini does not offer hoods for the 2023 model yet, even though it's a carry-over part. The color palette for the 2023 Bronco was only unveiled in late July, so Cervini likely needs some time to mix and match.


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