New Tool Can Predict When Your Car Is About To Break Down

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The digital fortune teller can avoid unexpected misfortunes.

Whether you're driving a Mazda MX-5 or BMW 7 Series, one thing that's possibly on your mind is "what's the next thing to go wrong?" Admittedly on some cars, that concern is less apparent than others. In an attempt to combat this anxiety, a new start-up has devised a product concept that claims to tell you of a possible fault before it even happens.

Pinkie is a new OBD2 connector that claims to use smart technology such as artificial intelligence with digital twins, which is a virtual representation that presents itself as a real-time digital counterpart of an object or process that exists in the physical world.


With this device, the founders who are looking for investors via Indiegogo suggest that car owners will be able to predict potential failures via notifications and alerts provided by the system. These readings will be sent to users via a mobile app.

How is this different from existing technologies you might ask? It is made clear that the proposed product will be vastly superior to OBD2 scanners which can only detect a fault after it has happened. Pinkie conducts constant scans of the systems and gives the owners a clear idea of what maintenance is needed and when it needs to happen.


Furthermore, the creators explain that OBD2 sensors are for experts in the field and bring up codes that require extra time to gather some understanding of the fault at hand. To make it easier for the user, the device provides easy explanations and intuitive 3D graphics regarding what's about to go wrong with your car.

For the environmentally conscious, the creators also insist that the device provides continuous monitoring of CO2 emissions. With this attached, you'll be fully aware of how much an impact you're having on the environment when you rev your Porsche 911 GT3 out to the 9,000 rpm mark.

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