New Top Gear Trailer Will Make You Forget About The Grand Tour

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The new season of Top Gear could be better than The Grand Tour, if this trailer is anything to go by.

With the first season of The Grand Tour coming to a close, we're now going to have to find a new weekly car show to watch. Coincidentally, the next season of Top Gear is just around the corner. In case you had forgotten, the BBC has released a new tongue-in-cheek trailer showing hosts Matt Le Blanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid being interrogated by an insurance risk assessor following last year's sneak peek. It probably isn't a coincidence that the trailer was released the same day as The Grand Tour's lackluster first season finale.

Our first look at Top Gear sans Chris Evans looks very promising indeed. We get to see main host Matt LeBlanc evading police in an Aston Martin DB11, a delighted Chris Harris drifting a 1,036-hp Ferrari FXX K, and Rory Reid racing a London taxi in Kazakhstan. Matt Le Blanc also picks up some naked strangers in a Russian eight-wheeled Avtoros Shaman, for whatever reason.

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Dare we say it, the new season of Top Gear looks potentially better than The Grand Tour – bet you never thought we would be saying that. Last year's rebooted Top Gear was criticized for trying too hard to replicate the success of the previous hosts. Many wrote it off and were rooting for The Grand Tour to fill the void left by Clarkson, Hammond and May's departure from Top Gear, but it too suffered from the same problem. With Chris Evans no longer at the helm and more spotlight on Chris Harris and Rory Reid, Top Gear deserves a second chance - this could be the show we've been waiting for. No word yet on when season 24 will air, but the trailer promises it will be "coming soon." Can't wait.

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