New Toyota GR86 And Subaru BRZ Wide Body Kit To Star At 2022 SEMA Show

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Each of these kits is hand-produced and takes over 40 hours to produce.

The Toyota GR86 has been a highly popular platform to modify, whether to make it a better sports car or to simply have it look unique. Some have gone to wild extremes to ensure that the car stands out everywhere, while others have taken a more restrained approach. ADRO (Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization) arguably falls into the former camp with this new kit for the GR86 and its Subaru BRZ twin, but rather than simply applying wild aesthetic upgrades for the sake of doing so, this kit improves downforce. ADRO has former F1 aerodynamicists in its employ, so you can be sure that these upgrades make an impact.


Unlike some of the tuner's other projects, this kit is particularly extreme, and there's no doubt in any onlooker's mind that this is not a stock GR86 or BRZ.

ADRO started with a 3D scan of the vehicle to ensure that all the parts flow well and fit perfectly. After extensive CFD analysis, each kit is then "hand-produced and takes more than 40 hours to make and approve."

The kit includes front bumper extensions, front and rear over fenders, a carbon fiber side air vent cover, a carbon fiber front lip, and carbon fiber side skirts. There's also a large swan-neck rear wing made from prepreg carbon fiber that is some 45% lighter than an aluminum equivalent.


All of this translates to over 250 pounds of downforce at 110 mph, says ADRO. The widebody kit also naturally increases the width of both front and rear tracks, further enhancing handling. It's designed in California and manufactured in Korea and will be on display at the 2022 SEMA show in November, with pre-orders now open.

Pricing starts at $4,750 for the complete kit minus the rear wing, with the swan-neck aero upgrade adding a further $2,450. If you'd like to see the kit in person, the 2022 SEMA show takes place in Las Vegas from November 1-4, and the ADRO widebody Subaru BRZ will be a booth vehicle for Sentury Tire, aka Delinte, in Lower South Hall Booth #44079.


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