New Toyota Supra Teased With Gigantic Wing

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Fans of the Mk4 Supra are going to love this.

The 2019 SEMA Show should just be renamed the Toyota Supra tuning show because we are likely to see an endless number of tuned cars from various companies at this year's event. We know the Supra has immense tuning potential and some shops have already boosted the 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six to 1,000 horsepower and have run nine-second quarter-miles.

This year's show will house a collection of widebody Supra kits as well as the first-ever manual-swapped model but Toyota doesn't want to let the aftermarket tuners have all the fun because its TRD (Toyota Racing Development) division has its own plans for SEMA. TRDheadquarters just posted a teaser video and images of the new Toyota Supra 3000GT Concept, set to be revealed on November 5, 2019.


The video is quite long for a teaser, over five minutes to be exact. It doesn't show too much of the car but we do get a shadowy look at the front end, rear, and hood along with a ton of translated Japanese words describing the concept. The name '3000GT' comes from the 1994 Toyota Supra TRD3000GT Concept, which was used as the inspiration for this new model. Based on the Mk4 Supra, the 1994 TRD3000GT featured a vented hood, fender flares, and a large wing derived from the racing version. We will have to wait to see the car in full, but we are already excited based on this teaser.


It looks like this new 3000GT Concept will pay homage to the original with the same style of ventilated hood, wider fenders, and massive spoiler. It isn't clear whether or not TRD has added any power but we know it isn't difficult to tune the BMW-sourced engine. We also don't know if this body kit will make it to production within the TRD catalog but Toyota has confirmed there will be additional performance versions of the Mk5 Supra in the future, so perhaps this will be the first.

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