New Track Mode Makes The Tesla Model 3 Performance More Tail-Happy


The long-awaited Track Mode has been added to the Tesla Model 3 Performance in the latest software update.

Back in July, Tesla revealed plans to add a new Track Mode to the Model 3 Performance. The latest over-the-air software update has added the long-awaited track mode, and it essentially makes the Model 3 Performance more tail-happy. Any update that focuses on pure driving fun gets our approval.

Designed specifically for use on closed autocross circuits and racetracks, the new Track Mode uses the dual-motor setup to send torque to the front or rear wheels, enabling the Model 3 Performance to increase the car's ability to rotate through a turn. The system can handle 100 percent of torque delivery to the front or the rear. If the VDC detects too much rotation in a corner, it sends torque to the front, or to the rear if the driver requires more. This was made possible thanks to Tesla's in-house Vehicle Dynamics Controller, which replaces the standard stability control system.

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Track Mode also increases the electric sedan's regenerative braking, which has several advantages on the track. It improves the endurance of the braking system and sends more energy back into the battery, maximizing the battery's ability to deliver large amounts of power. It also helps the VDC create or arrest rotation when the driver lifts off the accelerator. Track mode also unlocks a simulated limited-slip differential. To prevent excess slip on this the inside tires, brake and motor torque is simultaneously applied to increase tractive force while cornering.

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The temperature of the battery and the drive units is also reduced to prepare the car for intensive track driving. It also allows the car to operate past standard powertrain temperatures and overclock the A/C compressor to increase refrigerant capacity.

Currently, the new Track Mode is only available in the Model 3 Performance, but Tesla plans to roll it out in all future Performance models.

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