New Volkswagen Electric Cars Will Have 400+ Miles Of Range

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They'll also be cheaper and charge faster.

Volkswagen has announced it will update its Modular Electric Drive System (MEB) platform. The platform currently underpins new models like the VW ID.Buzz and ID.4. A litany of Volkswagen Group brands also make use of the platform, including Audi, and some brands we don't get here in America, like Skoda and Cupra.

So far, Volkswagen estimates it has already built over 670,000 cars on the MEB platform across its multiple brands, and around 10 million will be built in total before the platform has run its course. Presumably, this includes the new MEB+ platform currently in development.

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Details on the updated new platform are a bit light right now, as improvements are still in development. However, many of these are expected changes given improvements in battery density. For one, VW says its new MEB+ EVs will be able to go much further on a charge, supposedly around 430 miles. The brand says unit cell batteries are responsible for the bump in range.

VW intends to keep to the "original idea" with MEB+, saying that charging and storage technology will improve alongside range. The automaker expects that charging speeds between 175-200kW will be possible in the future. Currently, the ID.4's maximum charge speed is capped at 175 kW.

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In addition to changing the MEB's architecture, Volkswagen will expand the number of models sitting on the platform. It says that a total of 10 new Volkswagen models will be launched by 2026. It specifically mentions an entry-level car priced at roughly $26,000. However, we should note this price was originally given in Euros, hinting at a European start for this mystery model.

It's too early to tell if the model could come Stateside, whatever it is. We imagine the vast majority of these models will be spread across the Volkswagen family of brands. Ten models in four years is highly ambitious for just one brand. For now, we're most looking forward to the bump in charge speeds for VW models.

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