New Volkswagen Golf Gets Stunning New Digital Cockpit

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It looks more impressive than a lot of luxury models.

Many automakers are moving on from traditional analog gauges in favor of customizable screens. The Volkswagen Group has some of the best examples of these gauge cluster screens including the Audi brand's Virtual Cockpit and the VW brand's similar (albeit slightly paired down) Digital Cockpit.

Digital Cockpit is already one of the best gauge clusters found on any mainstream vehicle but with the launch of the all-new eight-generation Golf, VW is launching a more improved version.

VW says this new system is clearer, neater, completely digitalized, and connected online, making it more intuitive to use than ever before. Since the base, eighth-generation Golf won't be coming to the US, it may be a while before we see this new Digital Cockpit here. We will still be getting the new Golf GTI and R models and perhaps other VW products will receive this new cockpit soon.

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Unlike other VW products, the new Golf gets Digital Cockpit as standard equipment. This includes the instrument cluster, a touchscreen infotainment system, and a new multifunction steering wheel. There are very few physical buttons inside the new Golf, which will likely be a VW trend moving forward. This means drivers will use touch sliders on the screen for volume and climate controls with an additional touch island located under the infotainment system.

VW says the touch island will house air conditioning functions, driver assistance systems, driving modes, and parking assistants while a second island located to the left of the gauge cluster controls lighting functions and window heating. Even the new roof console, which houses the sunroof controls, uses a touch slider. Optionally, drivers can also get a larger 10-inch Discover Pro navigation system and a head-up display.

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If you aren't a fan of touch controls, all of the car's functions can be activated by voice using the phrase "Hello Volkswagen." We've experienced mixed results with systems like this but Audi's version is among the most intuitive. It will allow for natural speech with phrases such as "Take me home" for navigation or "I'm cold" to adjust the air conditioning. VW says the digitalization of these controls means drivers can have a more customized experience than ever. These settings can even be saved to the cloud, so they can be changed when a new driver gets in or restored if you get a new car.

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