New Volkswagen GTI-Themed Waze App Is Exactly What We Need In The US

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It now lets you find the best driving roads near you.

Chances are you've probably heard about the popular Waze navigation app. The company was purchased by Google and is currently one of the best navigation applications in the world - even better than Google's own Maps app. Android Auto has recently added Waze functionality, meaning that drivers can now have Waze right in their car's dashboard. All of the app's great features including community-confirmed accident information, hidden cop locations, and red light cameras are all integrated directly into Android Auto. Now, Waze has partnered with Volkswagen to create another awesome feature.

Waze has recently announced its new 'GTI Superdrives' campaign, which will allow UK drivers to experience some of the country's greatest driving roads. Over 75 of the UK's best driving roads will be discoverable in-app during the summer months. The roads have been selected by a team of data scientists and are based on a number of key variables. Waze says these roads are "scenic, yet close enough to points of interest; have the right driving conditions – including engaging corners; low amounts of traffic; and low incident reports."

If a user is within 12 miles of one of these roads, a GTI badge will appear on-screen. Users will simply have to tap on the GTI badge to receive directions to the awesome driving road. In the UK, Volkswagen currently offers three flavors of the GTI: the Golf GTI, Polo GTI, and Up GTI. The Polo and Up are not sold in the US, and we also wouldn't mind getting a US-version of this feature. We are completely sold on the idea of a navigation app that points out the best driving roads and we'd love to have something similar in the US. Is anyone from Waze reading this?


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