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New Volvo V60 CrossCountry Will Make You Forget About SUVs

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Who needs an SUV, when you can have an off-road wagon?

Volvo has shown its commitment to the wagon bodystyle by continuing to sell the V90 wagon in the US, as well as bringing the upcoming V60 wagon stateside. We are extremely excited to have a go in the V60 when it arrives, but Volvo is already thinking about how it can attract more buyers to the wagon bodystyle. Volvo already builds the V90 CrossCountry, which is essentially a V90 wagon with a lift kit and some body cladding to make it feel more like an SUV. Now, Volvo will give the CrossCountry treatment to the V60 - SUV's better watch out.

To create the V60 CrossCountry, Volvo has raised the car by 75 mm and fitted it with a new chassis and suspension to improve its off-road capability. Obviously, all-wheel-drive is standard, as are a host of off-roading features including a special off-road mode, hill descent control, electronic stability control, and corner traction control. Clearly, Volvo wants the V60 CrossCountry to be used off-road, unlike many crossovers and SUVs, which never see so much as a grassy field.

As with all Volvo models, the V60 CrossCountry will also be equipped with a host of on-road safety features including the Pilot Assist system. This system offers semi-autonomous features that keep the car in its lane with steering assist and is among the best of the systems we've tested.

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Volvo hasn't announced pricing or availability, but expect the CrossCountry to cost a bit more than the standard V60, which starts at $38,250 in the US. At first, the V60 CrossCountry will only be available with Volvo's T5 AWD drivetrain, which produces 240 horsepower from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. At a later time, Volvo will introduce more powerful mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid drivetrains. Volvo's press release also mentions a D4 diesel drivetrain, even though the company has already announced it will discontinue diesel models in Europe. If you'd like a wagon, but simply need the added ground clearance to go off-road, as always, Volvo has you covered.