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New Vs. Old: 2015 Mustang Vs. 2014 Mustang

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Is the latest Ford Mustang really any better?

Ever since Ford revealed its all-new 2015 Mustang people have been asking: will it be better than its beloved predecessor? On the one hand, the new Mustang has an independent rear suspension. It'll handle better, but its straight line drag race abilities will be compromised. The new pony car will also be a bit heavier, but not significantly enough to really alter performance. And unlike any prior Mustang, the new one was designed from the get-go for an international crowd.

Yes, that means it's a bit more compact-looking (some have even complained that it looks too much like a Honda Accord coupe). So is the new Mustang better than the old one? We'll have to wait for official test drives to begin to find out for sure, but in the meantime we can judge them both on looks alone. Your opinions on this sure-to-be engaging discussion are always welcome.

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