New VW Golf Tuned by RDX

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Although the seventh-generation Golf hasn't arrived in the US yet, German tuner RDX has already created an exterior body kit for the new benchmark hatchback.

Although it's not due to arrive in the US until later in 2014 as a 2015 model, the all-new seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf is now hitting showrooms in Europe. Why the wait for US buyers? The new Golf is so important for future US sales targets that Europe is being used as sort of a testing ground for a year, thereby allowing time for any last-minute changes before arriving in North America. Fair enough, but looking at the new exterior package for the seventh-gen Golf by German tuner RDX simply makes us want the car that much sooner.

For now, RDX hasn't carried out any performance upgrades to the new Golf, but has instead focused on upgrading its exterior styling. This was done via new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, a rear apron and even a roof spoiler. The package is finished off with a set of larger alloy wheels. No changes were made to the interior. Overall, the exterior additions are quite subtle, but so is the new Golf both inside and out. RDX's package is a nice blend of hot hatch styling and refinement. Pricing for the new package has yet to be announced.

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