New World Record For Fastest Tire Change On A Moving Car Is Pointless Fun

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Some people can't change a tire on a stationary car, let alone one that's moving.

People love pushing themselves to the limit. Whether this is in the field of science or on the sports field, people have always felt a need to raise the bar. In the automotive world, this translates into Formula 1 wins and record-breaking quarter-mile times, but there are a few more obscure fields in which the passionate car lover can push the boundaries, and clearly, changing a tire is one of them. We've covered numerous Guinness world records here on CarBuzz, including some rather odd ones such as the largest car mosaic and one for the fastest speed for a monster truck, but this record takes the cake - the fastest tire change on a moving vehicle.

Guinness World Records/YouTube

Guinness World Records has showcased this epic effort that not only sees the tire being changed while a car is in motion but sees said car on two wheels. Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco, two buddies from Italy are in the hot seat, and the level of skill in keeping that BMW 3 Series on two wheels is astounding. In the video, we see Zoldan behind the wheel while Folco starts changing the tire. To get the BMW on two wheels, Zoldan takes the car over a small ramp, delicately balancing it at low speeds thereafter, which is no mean feat. Once the car is on its side, Folco starts doing his thing.

We should probably say something about their outfits. They're awesome, and look like something straight out of Evel Knievel's wardrobe.

While the car drives in a circle, Folco uses an impact wrench to get the wheel nuts off, and quickly replaces the space saver tire with another. He seems to struggle with the last few nuts, but finally manages, and makes a dramatic exit by jumping off the car while it's still on two wheels.

The timer stops at 1:17.64 seconds, and the two are presented with their certificate. The world is a scary and confusing place, but thanks to these two brave heroes, we can all have a bit of a chuckle before we return to reality. We salute you, sirs.

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