Newly-Minted NASCAR Driver Frankie Muniz Takes The Ford Mustang Dark Horse For A Spin

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The former TV star gets to take Ford employees around the M1 Concourse.

Teen film and TV star Frankie Muniz recently joined the Ford Performance family as a NASCAR driver, and that new position has now given him the opportunity to experience the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse before the rest of us.

At the M1 Concourse in Michigan, the actor-turned-racer took some of the Ford employees involved in the development of the new pony car for a spin so that they could sample the fruits of their labors, and based on the expressions on each occupant's face, they seem to have done an excellent job. Muniz seems particularly impressed with the car, which means that it should appeal to circuit enthusiasts as much as to those with a penchant for sliding sideways.

Ford Performance/YouTube
Ford Performance/YouTube

The S650 Ford Mustang was developed to compete in several disciplines of motorsport, which bodes well for road cars. The Dark Horse effectively replaces the Mach 1 in the lineup and will arrive later this year with the most powerful naturally aspirated iteration of the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 ever to leave the factory in a road car, producing 500 horsepower.

It's more than a one-trick pony, though, and comes with several cool details, including an electronic drift brake, a remotely controllable revving function, and roof-mounted USB ports for your GoPro. This car is built for enthusiasts, and we can't wait to get our hands on it to see how it stacks up against the competition.

Ford Performance/YouTube

Production of the S550 Mustang recently came to an end, shortly after pricing for the S650 was announced. Orders have been opened and deliveries should commence in the summer of this year.

With new arrivals like the Dodge Challenger Demon 170, the Mustang Dark Horse will not be the horsepower king, but the Challenger is positively geriatric and the Camaro is pretty close to retirement age too. Ford's launch of a new offering in the segment will give it a jump on its competitors, as Dodge is downsizing and electrifying its muscle cars while Chevy is probably going to follow suit.

By keeping the S650 electrification free (for now) and offering it with a manual transmission, Ford is sure to ingratiate itself with the gas-loving community. We'll let you know if it's good enough to last through the Mustang's eventual electrification phase when we drive it, but whatever it's like, we're just glad it exists as it does.

Ford Performance/YouTube
Ford Performance/YouTube

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