Next 48 Hours Will Determine Schumacher's Fate

More details of accident come to light; the next couple of days will determine whether former racing great makes a full or partial recovery.

Michael Schumacher is now in stable condition at Grenoble University Hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma. Over 100 media personnel remain outside the hospital. Those with cameras have agreed not to direct them at the emergency room or where they believe Schumacher is being treated, yet his manager, Sabine Kehm, claims a news reporter dressed up as a priest in order to gain access to the former F1 champion’s hospital room.

As soon as the disguise was recognized he was immediately thrown out. While a “slight improvement” has been seen in the retired racing driver’s condition, medical experts say the next 48 hours will decide whether he would make a full or partial recovery. Speculation that Schumacher was skiing at high speed when he fell has been rejected outright. Kehm said that just before the accident he had stopped to help a friend who had fallen. As he set off again, he hit a rock and was “catapulted in the air” before falling head down on to another rock. The impact was so strong Schumacher’s helmet split in two pieces.

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