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Next Audi Q7 Spied on the Road

Debut delayed by several months, but it looks like it’s getting there.

After delaying the launch of the next generation of its (current) largest SUV, the Q7, by several months due to an apparently too-intense design,Audi is now testing the final version of the car in Europe. Sharing itsplatform with several corporate cousins like the VW Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and theupcoming Bentley SUV, the next-generation Q7 is expected to hit the market inearly or mid-2015, offering a wide range of engines, including several dieseloptions (at least in Europe).

The upcoming model should be approximately the same size asthe outgoing generation, but is expected to lose almost 900 lbs of weight inorder to increase performance and efficiency. The spied Q7 is still heavily camouflagedand its front and rear lights seem to be fake. Expect more details in theupcoming months.

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