Next Audi R8 Details Coming to Light

Like its Lamborghini cousin, the next-generation Audi R8 will have a modular spaceframe and plenty of lightweight components.

While the spotlight has been on the upcoming Lamborghini Gallardo successor over the past several days, details regarding its platform mate, the next-gen Audi R8, are also beginning to emerge. Like the as-yet-unnamed Gallardo replacement, the next R8 will share the former’s modular spaceframe as well as several vital components made from carbon fiber and aluminum. However, each car will have a different wheelbase, as the Audi will be about 30 mm longer in order to allow for increased interior space.

Power will likely come from an updated version of the 5.2-liter V10 and there will also be a V8-powered model. Although it’s still unknown whether Audi will continue offering a six-speed manual, you can bet the seven-speed dual-clutch unit that was just released with the facelifted 2012 R8 will be carried over. Styling wise, expect the new R8 to be more of an evolution of today’s car inside and out. Overall, the relationship between the R8 and Gallardo successor will be quite similar to the one between the current cars: the Audi is the ideal daily supercar while the Gallardo is a bit harder to tame. No specific launch date has been announced but the new R8 will likely go on sale sometime in 2015.

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