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Next Audi R8 is Heading for Weight Watchers

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And it's all thanks to carbon fiber.

Although it was given some significant updates for 2014, Audi is hard at work developing the next-generation model, due to arrive around 2015-16. Like the current car, the next R8 will continue to share its basic underpinnings with the Lamborghini Gallardo (in this case its replacement) such as an all-new aluminum and carbon-fiber frame. As a result, weight will be cut by around 130 lbs. In fact, that weight loss could be even greater if it weren't for one major detail: its dual-clutch gearbox.

When asked recently about whether the next R8 will be offered with a six-speed manual, the automaker's head of technical development, Ulrich Hackenberg, pretty much dodged the question. He simply went off on the benefits of a dual-clutch, which adds a good chunk of weight to any car. Hackenberg also clarified that the new R8 and the Gallardo replacement will be completely different driving experiences. The Lambo will be more hardcore while the R8 will continue to be the daily supercar.

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