Next Audi RS4 Avant Bares All While Testing Porsche Engine In The Cold

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Still one of the best options for the active family that hasn't given up on performance.

Hot on the heels of the RS3 Sportback's reveal, our spy photographers have finally laid eyes on its larger relative, the upcoming RS4 Avant. This time around, the RS4 Avant looks ready to roll off the production line with a fully formed body underneath the camouflage. Previous sightings saw the Audi wagons donning fake wheel arches and modified front bumpers but the RS4 Avant we see here has no such disguises. The real meat and potatoes is what's under the hood, which is gifted to the wagon courtesy of Porsche.

The lump we're talking about will be a 2.9-liter V6, the same one we see in the Panamera 4S. The difference is that the Audi has its power output boosted to help it hit 450 horsepower and 446 lb-ft of torque over the Porsche's 440 ponies and 406 lb-ft of torque. Not only should this wealth of power encased in a versatile package help make getting groceries a lot more fun, but it bodes well for track enthusiasts too. Gemini be aware, this is the ultimate embodiment of a dual personality because this wagon has the ability to hit 62 mph from a dead stop in less than four seconds and can hit 156 mph on the open road if so desired. An expensive but worthwhile (for autobahn abusers that is) dynamic package can be had and raises that limit to 175 mph.

In classic Volkswagen Auto Group style, the RS4 Avant shares a vague design language with its Volkswagen and Porsche family members, retaining curvaceous lines that end at well-placed points, all of which frames four large five-spoke wheels. Thanks to Quattro, these pizza dishes will carve into corners and hold on without scrubbing away velocity, however an adjustable suspension system means the RS4 Avant remains friendly when piling the family and the dog in for a weekend getaway. A new spoiler at the rear is will be one of the only giveaways to those not acquainted with the RS badge. Expect to see the wagon make an official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show with 2018 seeing the RS4 Avant make a visit to the dealerships.

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