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Goodbye Tumbler, hello Cadillac?!

With Ben Affleck set to take over the role of Batman in the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman," it'd be impossible for him to drive Christian Bale's character version of the Batmobile. In other words, the Tumbler is officially retired. So that means it's time for an all-new car, but unlike the previous iteration, Affleck's ride won't have a military look. Currently being designed by General Motors at its Advanced Design Studio in Hollywood, the new Batmobile's creators are the same crew responsible for styling and building the vehicles in the "Transformers 4."

Jennifer Graylock/Ford Motor Company

It's still at an early stage in the design process, but rumor has it that "an old Cadillac" will be featured in the film. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean the new Batmobile will be based off a Caddie. What's clear, however, is that Batman's new wheels won't come from a military surplus warehouse. The possibilities are endless but we'll just have to hope the design team doesn't mess this one up.

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