Next BMW 7 Series to go on a Diet


Due to launch in late 2015, the next BMW 7 Series will not only be lighter than the current car, but will also be the most advanced car the automaker has ever built.

The current BMW 7 Series is a big sucker and therefore consumes an awful lot of fuel. For the people who own and drive them, paying the steep price at the pumps isn't a problem as they drive a car that bases for over $70,000. Nevertheless, as BMW prepares the next-gen 7 Series for its 2015 launch, one of the automaker's main goals is to cut down on the car's weight. The new 7 Series, according to a new report, will ditch its familiar steel monocoque construction in favor of a structure that'll be composed of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

BMW has apparently taken this construction technology directly from its upcoming i range models, the i3 and i8. Fortunately, the sixth-gen 7 Series' dimensions won't be altered by its new lightweight skeleton, as it'll be at least the same size as the current car if not slightly larger. Engine options are also expected to remain the same, with a choice of six-cylinder, V8 and V12 gasoline engines. Euro buyers will also have the choice of a few six-cylinder diesels, and a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid may be an option as well. BMW is already claiming the 2015 7 Series will be the most technologically advanced car in its history.

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