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Next BMW M5 To Be Lighter and Offer AWD


When you need to cut a car's weight, carbon fiber is usually the solution.

Surprisingly, the current generation BMW M5 is struggling a bit. It doesn’t offer all-wheel-drive, something that's more and more popular among buyers, and it’s also quite heavy. In fact, the F10 M5 weighs more than its E60 predecessor, which was powered by a V10. That combination can’t continue and BMW’s M division is fully aware of this. In a recent interview, M division chief Friedrich Nietzsche stated that adding all-wheel-drive and cutting overall weight are two smart solutions.

Thing is, an AWD system adds weight to any car, but BMW apparently has the answer: increased use of carbon fiber. The next-gen 5 Series is already well into development and rumors suggest it’ll come with a carbon-fiber rich structure. Nietzsche made clear that the next M5 will be lighter than the current car, but if it wants to have the AWD option, we’re guessing that carbon fiber will be further utilized for things such as the roof, hood and many other key components.

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