Next BMW M5 To Get 750-HP Supercar-Slaying Hybrid Engine

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Think today's M5 CS is powerful? Just wait.

If you're looking for a luxury high-performance sedan with supercar specs, look no further than the BMW M5 CS (pictured here). It's got 627 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque on tap, blasts from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and tops out at over 190 mph. Impressive, right? Indeed, but BMW is always pushing boundaries and the next-generation M5 will be no exception.

Based on the sources it has available, Autocar believes the new M5 will be a plug-in hybrid rather than a full-on battery electric. BMW has made clear it won't launch EV M models until 2025 at the earliest; the next M5 is due by 2023.

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A PHEV setup serves as the ideal transition powertrain as the automaker, in general, moves towards a fully electrified lineup. So, what does the M division have planned for its next super sedan? The new M5 could very well come equipped with the same setup as the upcoming X8 M SUV: the firm's S63 twin-turbo V8 engine paired to an electric motor with 200 horsepower for a combined output of around 750 hp.

That's a very significant jump from the M5 CS and it's a necessary one because of the additional weight stemming from the batteries and electric motor. Those who prefer a less extreme next-gen 5 Series but still desire solid output have no reason to worry.

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Another PHEV version will also be sold, most likely a more powerful version of the 545e plug-in hybrid accompanied by a 3.0-liter inline-six as a replacement for the M550i. Total output should come to around 500 hp. Sadly, the N63 twin-turbo V8 will more than likely be dropped due to its advanced age.

But what's really interesting is that the M5 may no longer be the top dog of the 5 Series range. That honor is expected to go to the all-electric i5. If rumors prove to be accurate, this all-mighty EV sedan could have as much as 800 hp. It'd easily blow the M5 away in a head-to-head matchup. The i5 will be built on the same Neue Klasse platform as the M5, though, as it has been developed to support combustion and electric powertrains.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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