Next Commodore to be Chinese-built Wimp Mobile

So a RWD V8-powered big sedan isn't cool? Apparently not for GM.

Holden will be undergoing some major changes in the near future, including the complete end of manufacturing in Australia. It’s a huge bummer and many are rightly concerned about the fate of beloved models like the Commodore, which in the US is rebadged as the Chevy SS. And here’s another reason why that concern is justified: an Australian news source is claiming that GM did a top-secret deal with Holden to pair the next-gen Commodore with a Chinese-market only Buick sedan.

Apparently Holden was tasked with designing it, and it’ll be built in China. Here’s where it get worse for Commodore fans: that new sedan is going to be front-wheel-drive and powered by a four-cylinder. Some at Holden are pushing to have a V6 made optional, but the V8, rear-wheel-drive Commodore as we know it will be dead. GM also wants this car to have a sleeker, more Euro-like design instead of the current Commodore’s boxier look. It’ll basically look like a four-door coupe because "it’s about making sedans look cool’s the only way to bring customers back to sedans," according to a Holden source.

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