Next Ford Focus RS Reportedly Delayed

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Just because it's delayed doesn't mean it won't be happening. Patience is required.

Many hot hatch fans have anxiously been waiting for the next Ford Focus RS. While the automaker has confirmed the high-performance model will return, a new report coming from Car Advice claims its launch has been delayed. The apparent reason is that Ford wants to concentrate on developing other models that are also built off the Focus platform. All told, Ford plans on introducing about 11 cars throughout the globe using this platform, which already includes the Focus EV and the new Escape SUV.

According to the automaker's vehicle line director for small cars, Gunnar Herrmann: "We are not working on the new RS right's just because we have other priorities to clean up and effectively we have to make a final decision on how we proceed. We have other items to proceed with." Fortunately, the Focus ST will be launching this May and those other models will be on the road this fall. After that, hopefully work will continue. From what we know so far, the new RS will be more powerful than the last one, so expectations are high. Let's hope the delay will allow Ford the time to get the RS right instead of rushing it.

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