Next-Gen Audi A4 Can't Come Fast Enough


Perhaps Audi should just hire this guy to design its future models.

Now that Audi's new A3 sedan has arrived, the former smallest sedan in its lineup, the A4, will soon be due for an all-out redesign. And quite honestly, that redesign can't come soon enough. The current A4, a quality machine through and through, is simply too bland looking. It really looks nothing more than a smaller A6 (which itself looks like a smaller A8). The new A3 sedan, however, is a sexy thing. Its aggressive styling is certainly more youthful and dynamic and could serve as a blueprint for future larger models.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin has just come up with a few ideas as to what a sexier next-gen A4 could look like. Taking styling inspiration from the Sport Quattro Concept, this potential A4 is without question a huge improvement over the current car. In fact, we think it looks even better than its most direct future rival, the BMW 3 Series.

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