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Next Gen Audi TT Caught in the Snow

Spy Shots

Will it have what it takes to threaten the likes of the Porsche Cayman?

Audi is currently showing off its Allroad Concept at Detroit, which supposedly heavily previews the styling language used for the next-gen TT. Although that concept features a shooting brake body style, the new TT, due to arrive sometime in the next year, will remain a coupe and later a roadster. Now, for the first time, our spy photographers have managed to snap some pics of a TT test mule out driving in the snow for some cold weather testing.

It’s hard to make out specific styling details based on these images alone, but it almost looks as though the car has grown compared to the current second-gen TT. Audi revealed its interior at CES last week, but the exterior is still being kept under wraps. Hopefully Audi will give a few more details this week at Detroit, but more than likely we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out just what this potential Porsche Cayman fighter is all about.

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