Spy Shots

Next-Gen BMW 5 Series Going Green

Carbon-fiber panels and three-cylinder engines will give the next 5er some green credentials.

It won’t be hitting dealerships until 2016, but BMW is already hard at work designing a radically different 5 Series. These spy shots show the 5er in sedan and Touring format and despite the heavy camo we can see evidence of new doors with revised handles, new A-pillars, a flatter roofline and new vents in the front quarter panels. Compared to the current model, which recently received a modest facelift, the new-generation 5 Series will share its platform with 6 and 7 Series models.

Losing weight is a priority, something BMW plans to achieve by adopting CFRP for major structural panels such as the roof, hood, and boot lid. The engine lineup will range from the new 1.5-liter three-cylinder unit to a V8 in the next-gen M5 unless BMW opts to use the new M3/M4’s six-cylinder units as a downsizing measure. Both hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions are also expected as part of the new range.

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