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Next-Gen BMW 7 Series Shows its New Lights

BMW's next-gen flagship sedan is shaping up nicely.

Having last seen a next-gen 7 Series prototype at the hands of a disgruntled German test driver, we bring you fresh images of the BMW flagship showing its fancy new headlight design. Codenamed the G11, the new BMW 7 Series will borrow styling cues from the Future Luxury Concept that bowed in Beijing 2014, but won’t depart too dramatically from the current model’s look. However, substantial updates will take place underneath the sheetmetal, including a new platform partly made up of carbon fiber.

The new 7er could lose as much as 400 pounds as a result, with the aim of improving economy, handling, braking and acceleration. Six-, eight- and twelve-cylinder powerplants, complete with turbocharging and direct-injection, will be on offer to US buyers, while the 2016 7 Series will also see a plug-in hybrid variant and a new M Performance model powered by a twin-turbo V8. The latest safety tech including autonomous car gadgetry, and cutting-edge connectivity will also feature in the next-gen flagship.

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