Next-Gen Fiat 500 Won't Be Revolutionary

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It's called staying the course.

Seven years ago Fiat relaunched its iconic 500 nameplate for a new city car. Since then this reborn Fiat 500 has become a phenomenal success across Europe. Even in the US, where it's been on sale since 2011, the 500 has done quite well, spawning an MPV variant, the 500L. On November 19, 2012, the one-millionth 500 rolled off the production line. But like any car, at some point it'll require a redesign. Question is, do you evolve it design wise or go with something more daring? In this case, Fiat is going with the former.

Speaking to CarAdvice at the recent Paris Motor Show, Fiat head of design Roberto Giolito stated that "the small car deserves little adjustments, only to adapt to the culture, to the technology. Small changes for the car that I wouldn't like to swap it. It's very important to keep the car as it is like some evergreen products. The Vespa. The Leica camera. Something that is good enough to remain in the hands or in the usage of the people in exactly the same condition." In other words, the next-gen 500, which should arrive in the next couple of years, will only feature some modest styling updates, but nothing radical.

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