Next-Gen Ford Mustang Could Have All-Wheel Drive And Electric Power

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In the meantime, a hybrid version of the current Mustang is coming in 2019.

There’s been a slew of Mustang-related announcements this week as part of National Mustang Day, from the news that Ford will be entering the Mustang in the 2019 NASCAR season, to the reveal of the updated 2018 Mustang Cobra Jet to tide us over until the wraps are taken off the much-anticipated 2019 GT500 later this year, which will pack a supercharged V8 with over 700 horsepower. Looking ahead at the Mustang’s future, Ford Group Marketing manager Corey Holter has spilled some juicy details about the next-generation model.

Speaking to The Detroit Bureau, the all-new Mustang will debut early next decade with some major changes according to Holter. Nothing is official yet, but the marketing manager suggested it could adopt an all-wheel drive system, though we presume this will be optional. Furthermore, Ford is also considering an all-electric variant of the next-generation Mustang. An EV version of a muscle car that’s synonymous with the V8 engine may sound blasphemous, but Holter could be referring to the Mustang-based electric SUV the automaker teased during the Detroit Auto Show and again mentioned a the recent Ford Uncovered event.

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Back to the present, Ford has already confirmed a hybrid version of the current Mustang is coming for the first time in the model’s 50-year history. Holter says it will arrive in 2019, possibly as a 2020 model, and told the publication an electrified version of the iconic muscle car “will help further unlock Mustang’s potential” in markets such as China and Europe. Likewise, an all-wheel drive Mustang could broaden the car’s appeal in colder climates, much like the all-wheel drive Dodge Challenger GT.