Next-Gen Karma Revero Coming Next Month

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Karma Automotive is also bringing a new electric concept to the Auto Shanghai next month.

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show may have opened its doors this week, but Karma Automotive is already looking ahead to the Auto Shanghai in April. At the show, the electric automaker will debut three new models, including the next-generation version of the luxury Revero sedan and a new electric concept called the Vision shown in a shadowy teaser image.

"Karma is a luxury automaker but we are not just a luxury automaker," said Karma CEO Lance Zhou. "Taken together, Karma's Shanghai Big Three represents our transformation from an old-value car manufacturer to a company building long-term value in part by becoming an open platform luxury high-tech automotive incubator."

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Details about each model are scarce, but Karma has confirmed the next-generation Revero will go on sale in the second half of this year through the automaker's growing list of 18 dealers and a Karma-owned store in the US, Canada and Chile. Expect it to build off the original Revero, which was based on the ill-fated Fisker Karma plug-in. The Fisker Karma was introduced way back in 2011, so an update is long overdue.

As for the Vision concept, the teaser shows the electric concept will look unlike any other Karma model, with wide rear arches, a low roof, and full-width taillights. Karma says the concept will "provide the world with insight into the automaker's long-term direction in terms of luxury craftsmanship, advanced technology, and an evolution in luxury design language."

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Karma's third model debut remains a mystery, but it should looks stunning since it was designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, which recently debuted the Battista electric hypercar at Geneva. Hopefully this means future Karma production models will feature Pininfarina styling, or it could be a one-off model. We'll find out when the Auto Shanghai starts on April 16.

"Our New Dawn represents Karma's short, medium and long-term product direction," said Zhou. "We have a solid product plan that spans the next decade and relationships with the right partners who are helping us accelerate technology and product development."


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