Next-Gen Toyota C-HR Compact SUV Previewed By New C-HR Prologue Concept

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It will be available with multiple powertrains.

Toyota will be building a successor to the C-HR. The car you see here is the C-HR prologue, which is all the confirmation we need. It was created by the same design team that did the original C-HR concept in 2014 and the production car's styling that followed.

According to Toyota, the big challenge will be to take the C-HR to a higher level. Even though it was never a big seller in the USA, the audacious design and turbocharged three-cylinder engine available in other markets made it extremely popular. The Japanese giant wants to build on the C-HR's existing reputation by creating a provocative production car like the first-generation.

In short, don't expect the production car to look much different than this. A few patent images leaked in August might point to the finalized design.

Toyota Toyota Toyota

"Our mission was to dig deep, to go further than we'd ever gone before. We're really looking forward to delivering the new Toyota C-HR," said Lance Scott, Design Director of Toyota European Design Development.

There's no doubt that the prologue is as polarizing as the original C-HR, and that's precisely what the designers aimed for. The first thing you notice is that the new C-HR appears to be the same size but has larger wheels and shorter overhangs.

This gives it a sporty stance and simultaneously increases the available room inside. Like other modern Toyota's we've seen recently, there's a juxtaposition between fluid lines and sharp angles.

Toyota Toyota

That new "hammerhead" face is quite prominent, but it's not the first time we've seen it. It dates back to December 2021, when Toyota unveiled several upcoming and concept vehicles in one go. Shortly after, the all-new Crown made its debut with the same kisser, and just last month, the first desirable Prius ever was unveiled with the same visage.

The C-HR prologue also introduces a new tri-color option, which we hope will make it to production. It consists of sulfur over metal silver, with recycled carbon black thrown in.

The prologue makes its European debut alongside the bZ Compact SUV Concept we covered last month. These two cars are virtually identical and confirm that Toyota intends to take its own path to carbon neutrality.

Toyota Toyota

Toyota does not believe the future is battery electric, though it admits via cars like the bZ concept and the bZ4X that all-electric vehicles will play a role. But the CH-R will be available in multiple flavors, including fully electric and hybrid electric. Toyota wants a multi-technology line-up that also includes hydrogen and internal combustion.

The Japanese brand continues to face scrutiny over its lack of electric vehicles, but despite the criticism, it has chosen to sit back and rethink its entire electric strategy. The controversial FJ Cruiser EV has already been axed, and Toyota will only have a concrete plan in the new year.

For now, the C-HR in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric guises seems like a dead certainty.


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