Next-Gen Viper Spearheading Chrysler's Return to GT Racing

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As Chrysler quickly regains strength in the industry, a new report claims the automaker is aiming to re-enter GT Racing with the next generation Dodge Viper. However, setbacks to the new car's development may cause future delays.

The original Viper dominated the GTS class in international competition, posting up impressive wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours from '98-'00. Now, according to Autosport, Chrysler wants to again try their hand in the GTE category with the next-gen Viper. They have already commissioned Riley Technologies (producers of the title-winning Grand-Am during the last 8 years) to make a technical analysis of a new road car.

SRT CEO Ralph Gilles, however, has revealed as of late that Chrysler is having trouble finding suppliers to build components for the new Viper. From Automotive News, Gilles said "We have had a few hiccups here and there as we get suppliers. That type of fringe business [low production vehicles] has really dwindled. A lot of people are looking for big accounts now, but now that is behind us." Despite all the setbacks, the next-gen Viper is scheduled to be launched late 2012-2013.

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