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Next-Gen Volkswagen Tiguan Is Getting A Radical Redesign


And this is what it could look like.

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has only been on sale since 2016. But despite its popularity, VW is already planning a next-generation version of its best-selling model – and it’s going to look radically different.

Earlier this month, VW confirmed to AutoExpress plans to turn the next-generation Tiguan into a stylish crossover coupe. This will be a significant departure from the current model’s somewhat conservative design. But what will it look like? We haven’t seen any spy photos of the new Tiguan yet, but this hasn’t stopped Kolesa from designing a render showing what the next-generation Tiguan could look like.

Minimal changes have been applied to the front, as the next-generation Tiguan has been rendered with a very familiar-looking face incorporating a larger grille. The height of the crossover also remains the same, but the sloping roofline injects some extra style and the rear overhangs have also been enlarged. At the back, the taillights have also been redesigned with a full-length design similar to other recent VW models like the T-Cross.

The new Volkswagen Tiguan will ride on an updated version of VW’s MQB platform, which means it will likely share engine options with the next-generation Golf so we could see a plug-in hybrid version and possibly a hardcore R variant. To give you an idea of the Tiguan R’s potential performance, the new Golf R is expected to pack a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine producing 320 horsepower.

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The good news is that the stylish coupe-style body won’t compromise the Tiguan’s practicality, as reports have claimed the trunk space in the new model will be virtually unchanged. A larger Allspace model will also allegedly be offered once again. It’s not just the exterior that’s getting a revamp either, as the interior is expected to be inspired by the European Passat. Sadly, we won’t know how accurate Kolsea’s renders are for a long time because the next-generation Tiguan won’t arrive in Europe until 2022, so US customers will likely have to wait until 2023.