Next-Generation Audi Q7 to be VW Group's First Plug-In Diesel Hybrid

It’ll probably make it to the US too.

You do sometimes have to wonder why there aren’t more plug-in diesel hybrids. Since the idea of a plug-in is obviously to make something as fuel efficient as possible, diesel is bound to give you that little bit more. Even Europe, which is far more diesel-happy than we are in the US, has only one diesel plug-in option, the Volvo V60. But now Audi understandably wants in on the action and will be bringing out a diesel plug-in Q7, and later an A8.

At least one of these will be making it over to the US, probably not long after the new Q7 debuts next year. Audi sees these diesel plug-ins as a more practical alternative to range-limited pure electrics, an eco-friendly luxury option for those who just couldn’t make a Tesla work in their lives. Not many companies have Audi’s experience with diesel-electric hybrids either. The German carmaker has been using this combination to maintain its dominance at Le Mans in recent years, although these race cars obviously aren’t plug-ins. It’s an interesting idea, and with Audi having the niche all to itself in North America, it could work out well.

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