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Next Generation Cadillac Escalade Has A Radical New Powerplant

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Going where no Escalade has gone before.

Although it's not set to debut until sometime in 2020 as a 2021 model, details regarding the upcoming fifth-generation Cadillac Escalade continue to come out, and this latest one really should not come as much of a surprise. Then again, the thought that the Escalade is about to make a major leap forward is still exciting. Okay, so what's happening here?

According to Cadillac Society, inside sources who know all about GM's next large luxury SUV claims it will offer no less than three different powertrain options. No big deal, right? Say a twin-turbo V6, V8, and a plug-in hybrid? Not quite. Those sources, who fairly wish to remain anonymous claim one of those variants is a full-on EV. That's right, the next Cadillac is going all-electric, at least as an option. Furthermore, this Escalade EV will offer upwards of 400 miles of range.

This means Cadillac is specifically targeting the likes of the Tesla Model S, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and all other upcoming EV SUVs. Cadillac refuses to be left behind simply because it can't afford to be. Remember, the luxury brand's current president, Steve Carlisle, has committed the brand to an EV future. Moving its headquarters from New York City back to the Detroit, Michigan area was done in order to be near GM's technology hub. It's also important to note that the Escalade EV likely won't debut until sometime later in the SUV's product cycle; the technology simply won't be ready to go by 2021. Chances are it'll be worth the wait.

And speaking of range, the top trim Tesla Model X currently has a driving range of around 325 miles on a single charge.

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In all likelihood, Tesla will have updated the Model X by the time the Escalade EV debuts, but the point is Cadillac has already set a high goal. Also helping to make it a serious Model X rival is Super Cruise, Cadillac's semi-autonomous hands-free driving technology. Expect for it to be subject to a number of upgrades by the time this all-electric Caddie hits the road.

Unfortunately, no other details are available at this time but it makes perfect sense for Cadillac to be developing such a vehicle. Much of its future depends on batteries and what better way to inaugurate it by installing it in its most well-known model.