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Next Generation Dacia Logan Spied in Heavy Camo

A new generation of the cheap-and-cheerful small family car is on the way.

The majority of low budget, no-frills, affordable European cars can be traced back to the launch of the Dacia Logan in September 2004. It received a facelift four years later, and it seems that we'll soon be seeing the next generation model. These are the very first photos of the next-gen Dacia Logan, which will start off as a four-door sedan based on the Renault Fluence's platform. Effectively that means it will marginally grow in size and also get more modern engines, gearboxes and chassis.

However, it will still be one of the cheapest cars around. Owner Renault has also said that the new Logan will get a modern design to make it even more attractive, which shouldn't be too much of a challenge. According to Renaults chief of design Laurens van den Acker, most people today buy a Logan because of the price, but it's hoped the next Logan will be bought because of its looks. The new Logan is expected to debut as a concept in Paris later this year with the production car to be unveiled in Geneva in March 2013.

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