Next Generation Dodge Viper to Debut in April

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America's much-beloved Dodge Viper is far from dead, as the next generation will be revealed this April.

We've been waiting for some time to hear this news. Despite some old rumors swirling around that Dodge's much-beloved Viper wouldn't be replaced due to the automaker's financial troubles, it has just been announced that the next generation Viper will have its official debut at the New York Auto Show this April. Dodge officials are obviously keeping mum about the details, but SRT President and CEO Ralph Gilles has already confirmed that the V10 will return (as if there could be anything else?).

Displacement will likely be increased to 8.7-liters. But the big question is whether Dodge will be taking advantage of the relationship with Fiat, specifically regarding shared technology from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Maserati, or even Ferrari. What you can expect is that the Viper will still be a distinct model that's set apart from anything Italian and will continue to be all-American. There's simply no other way. Photos displayed are of the 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10.

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