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Next Generation Nissan Juke Isn't Ready To Show Its Face

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But we still can't wait to see it.

It may be an unpopular opinion amongst car enthusiasts, but we loved the Nissan Juke and miss it dearly. While most weren't enthralled by its styling, the Juke attempted to be different when nearly all other crossovers were content to blend in. Nissan even offered the Juke with a six-speed manual transmission and a hardcore Nismo RS version with the same Recaro seats as the 370Z Nismo.

The affordable Kicks has taken the Juke's spot in Nissan's lineup but with just 125 horsepower under the hood, it hasn't taken the same spot in our heart. Nissan has been rumored to be working on an all-new Juke and now we have our first spy shots of the next-generation model.

This test mule was spotted performing hot weather testing in Southern Europe and was wearing some heavy camouflage. We still have a while before this new Juke will arrive as a production model in 2020 but we can draw some conclusions from what we see under the camo. Up front, the styling looks to hark back to the original Juke with a split headlight design. Around back, the Juke still have a bold design with a very different taillight shape than before. We can also see that the Juke's rear doors will still house their handles near the C-Pillar rather than a more traditional location on the lower part of the door.

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The next-generation Juke will ride on the CMF-B platform, which is shared with the Renault Clio and other upcoming Renault models. This platform was designed to accept electrification, so an all-electric or plug-in hybrid Juke is a possibility. Regular internal combustion engines should include a 1.5-liter diesel, 1.0-liter three-cylinder, and 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder delivering up to 190 hp. Although the Juke won't arrive until 2020 and we don't know whether or not it will come to the US, we may see a reveal in September at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show.