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Next-Generation Nissan Sentra Slices Through Air Like The GT-R

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The Nissan Sylphy, aka the next Sentra, premieres in Shanghai.

The 2019 Shanghai Auto Show is already underway, which has already hosted the reveals of a new super-sized Volkswagen SUV and the all-electric Aston Martin Rapide E. Representing the sedan segment is the new Nissan Sylphy, China's version of the Sentra. While it's an all-new model in China, it could offer some clues of what to expect in the next-generation Nissan Sentra sedan when it eventually arrives in America.

Compared to its predecessor, the all-new Sylphy features a wider stance and lower center of gravity that give the sedan a very sporty appearance while also improving the handling. The exterior is formed around what Nissan calls the design concepts of "vigor" and "confidence," resulting in a low and muscular side profile, a pronounced fasica, and a drag coefficient of just 0.26 – the same as a Nissan GT-R.

Inside, the interior has been overhauled and now features a three-outlet air conditioning system and two displays, including an eight-inch screen for the infotainment system and a seven-inch color instrument cluster. As part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite of technologies, the infotainment system offers "seamless smartphone connectivity and intelligent voice command."

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Under the hood is what Nissan describes as an all-new intelligent drive engine with Xtronic variable transmission. Technical specifications haven't been revealed, but Nissan says the new motor delivers "a linear, smooth driving experience." Engineers have also modified the steering and suspension, and enhanced the overall body rigidity to "improve handling and deliver a more solid driving feel."

The new Sylphy also uses the Integrated Dynamic Control Module and uses "targeted brake applications after the vehicle encounters a bump or undulation to immediately improve the level of the body, enhancing ride quality."