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Next Madaspeed3 to Arrive in 2017

Will join a re-engineered Mazda3 that will arrive at the same time.

Eversince the debut of the current Mazda3 in 2014, fans of thediscontinued Mazdaspeed3 have been hoping for a swift revival of the performance-orientedmodel. Now, according to a report in Automotive News, the next Zoom Zoom 3 ison the way, and it will be a part of a complete re-engineering of the model thatMazda is planning for 2017. The Mazda3 will receive new sheetmetal and arevamped Skyactiv platform. The Mazdaspeed3 will of course be adorned with a plethora of performance gear.

Expect unique touches in the form of a new front end, body kit, larger wheels and high performancetires, worthy of its hot-hatch status, while power will come from aturbocharged 2.5-liter Skyactiv engine, producing over 300 horsepower in thismodel. With a Mazdaspeed2 also reportedly in the works, this could be the startof a whole new zoomy family from Mazda.

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