Next Mazda CX-5 Getting New Platform And Straight-Six Engines

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The handsome crossover will be better than ever, and it will have room for a rotary.

Mazda has been having a good 2021 in terms of sales and is looking to maintain that momentum into the future as it looks to electrify its lineup. The Japanese automaker is also interested in developing new platforms for all- and rear-wheel drive architecture that can support mild-hybrid systems.

Over a year ago we heard a rumor that the CX-5 would be getting this new platform first, and now the rumor has been confirmed, thanks to Australian publication Car Sales. According to the report, the 2022 CX-5 is all but guaranteed to introduce Mazda's new rear/all-wheel drive "large-car platform" along with longitudinal mild-hybrid gasoline and diesel straight-six engines.

Side Angle Driving Mazda Rear-Facing View Mazda
Side Angle Driving
Rear-Facing View

This was hinted at during the launch of Mazda Australia's MX-30 Electric Astina, where Alastair Doak, marketing and product director for the car, was asked about the new platform and powertrains and which car they would be seen on first: "We can't really answer specific model stuff, but I guess... what segment around the globe is the biggest? The answer would be 'SUV'..." The likelihood of the CX-5 being first was bolstered by Mazda Australia MD Vinesh Bhindi, who specifically mentioned the CX-5 as one of the cars that would be underpinned by the new platform:

"Mazda continues to invest in high-efficiency combustion engines, with SKYACTIV-X, and the new generation straight-six engine family that will power our new-generation large-platform products, which is CX-5 and above."

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Rear Perspective Driving
Lateral View
Side View

The way things look, it seems that Mazda will use its strongest selling and most profitable offering in the CX-5 to debut the new technologies and start making money on them before they are later applied to the next generation of CX-9, CX-8, and Mazda6. While no power outputs have been confirmed, Doak did go on to confirm six cylinders and hybrid assistance: "The new six-cylinder is a mild-hybrid [...] 48-volt system... and like other brands have - Mercedes and others - it will produce a bit of power and torque to assist the engine."

Naturally, the straight-six engine is likely only to be fitted to range-topping trims, but there's more good news in that the new RWD/AWD platform will allow for "rotary engine multiple electrification technologies", suggesting more exciting rotary-powered models than just the MX-30 in the future.

Sideward Vision Mazda Rearward Vision Mazda
Sideward Vision
Rearward Vision
Source Credits: Car Sales

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