Next Mazda MX-5 Has the Potential for True Greatness

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Going back to basics in both design and engineering.

We haven't been shy about our love and respect for the Mazda MX-5. Some may even state we're kissing Mazda's ass (we're not, for the record). But you've gotta admit: the automaker has been building one hell of a sports car since 1989. We're exactly one year away from the debut of the fourth-gen model, details of which are now being revealed. In a report coming from Motoring, a Mazda official claims the new MX-5 will harken back to its origins.

It'll have an "oval-shaped grille" instead of the cat smile face on the current car. In fact, the new MX-5's design is an update of the brand's current Kodo styling theme. The final design was approved last year and a Mazda source claims that it's "definitely a design that current owners will want to update to. And new owners will continue to flock to." Interestingly, the source hinted that the 2003 Ibuki concept car was an early design study. The new MX-5 will weigh around 2,100 lbs. and be powered by a naturally aspirated SkyActiv 1.5-liter four engine paired to either a six-speed manual or automatic. Overall, it's a true back-to-basics concept in both design and engineering. We can hardly wait.

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