Next Mercedes SLK May Become a Hybrid

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Its new platform will even be flexible enough to allow for plug-in hybrid technology.

As it stands right now, Mercedes-Benz is looking to make some big changes for its next-generation SLK-Class, which isn't due to arrive until 2018. However, as we previously reported, the next SLK and SL will likely lose their retractable hardtops in favor of a fabric roof in order to reduce weight, and therefore emissions. But cutting weight isn't enough to meet those ever tightening C02 regulations. So what to do? Offer a hybrid version.

As will be the case for the recently unveiled new C-Class, the next SLK will likely spawn a hybrid trim. What's more is that it may even come offered with all-wheel-drive to up the performance level. The reason why the next SLK can have the hybrid option is because the car will ride on the same modular platform as the next-generation SL, itself due to arrive for 2019. This platform is not only bigger and more flexible, it allows for plug-in hybrid technology if so desired. Mercedes will thus have a greater ability to muster more power out of the next SLK in order to make it a better Porsche Boxster competitor.

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