Next Nissan 370Z to be Previewed at Tokyo

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The next Z car will appear in concept form later this year.

With all of the attention on Toyota and Subaru lately over their joint effort to design and build a pure sports coupe, Nissan could only sit on the sidelines and watch. But at the same time, the Japanese automaker was able to set new benchmarks for its next generation Z car. And now the time is near for it to appear in concept form. A Nissan executive has confirmed the 370Z replacement will debut as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in November.

Details at this point are still scarce, but we can confirm that the concept will redefine the Z car in that it'll be "smaller and lighter." Fortunately, it won't be any less powerful than the 370Z. In order to make that happen, Nissan will downsize the engine and add a turbocharger. This Nissan executive also stated that his company doesn't "want to position it as a Toyota GT86 style car...and that it wants to address the issue of a next generation sports car." So far so good, but we'll just have to wait a little while longer to see what Nissan has been cooking up.

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