Next Nissan Mid-Size Pickup to be Based on the Navara

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And this is a very good thing.

Nissan is currently working hard to revitalize its pickup truck business. To help get this off the ground and into full gear, it hired Ram's now former CEO to run things. As we've already reported, the full-size Titan is obviously out of date and a complete redesign is coming soon. But what about the also aging Frontier? Aside from Nissan experimenting with a Frontier diesel concept, there hasn't been much discussion regarding its successor.

However, The Truth About Cars is claiming an inside industry source told them that instead of heavily revising the existing Frontier by bringing it up to date, the decision has been made to drop it altogether. The big problem is making that old technology capable of meeting today's crash standards. It's simply too expensive to do that. Fortunately, Nissan is determined to have an offering in the small to mid-size truck market because it's financially lucrative. The solution apparently lies in the all-new Navara, a fully modern global mid-size pickup that has a stellar reputation outside of the US.

Thing is, the Navara sold overseas is too expensive to sell in the US, so Nissan will have to remove several features in order to cut the price. But what's good to know is that the Navara has been engineered to have a diesel. Nissan hasn't made any official announcement in regards to the Navara just yet, but the logic for bringing it stateside makes complete sense.

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