Next Range Rover Getting Velar Features, But That Could Be A Bad Thing

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The Velar seems to be perfect in every way, except that one feature threatens to undermine the entire driving experience.

It's a bit hard to tell unless you're standing right by it, but the design philosophy for the Land Rover Velar is that of minimalism. There's nothing that impedes on beautiful lines like visual noise from objets protruding unnecessarily from the body, which explains the retracting door handles. However the designers wanted to go a step further and streamline the entire experience surrounding the Velar. A new dual touchscreen is the result, and as Autocar has learned, that piece of tech will move up the range.

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Spotted in images depicting a test mule of the next generation Land Rover Range Rover, an interior shot quickly snagged while a door was opened shows the similar dual screen configuration as the Velar's on the dash. Locked away inside the two 10-inch configurable touchscreens are controls for the air conditioner, navigation, media, and the Terrain Response system that helps the Land Rover do what it does best. The desire of the designers was to place all of the controls on these two screens in order to reduce the amount of switches and buttons on the dashboard, or in architect speak, visual noise, but there's a chance that this comes at the cost of something much more important. That would be ergonomics and safety.

Though JRL's new fleet of vehicles will feature semi-autonomous driver aids, the self-driving car revolution hasn't happened yet. At current, many infotainment systems border on being downright unsafe and are a bit hard to use. The lag of some touchscreen systems and lack of a physical button that a driver can fumble around for while eyes stay on the horizon means more time spent digging into menus and for functions and less time looking out for dangers. We're sure JLR will do the best job possible in refining its user interface, and it would be nice if any automaker was able to one day accomplish the feat of making system a that's intuitive and easy to use, but for now ample amounts of faith will be needed.

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